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Festival's Offer

Understanding the ever-changing shape of the musical world and the inherent interconnections and context of the place where the festival is held, we invite your audience to the unique L.A.S. Experience.

Listening and Sounding Foundation - L.A.S  - is a platform where interdisciplinary artists, scientists, and environmentalists collaborate to tackle the issue of noise pollution. We raise awareness of the detrimental effects of this major environmental cause of ill health, by building a movement of people who are mindful of the “sound”,  in both “listening” and “sounding” dimensions.

L.A.S experience comes with a tailored solution to bridging the gap between the listener (audience) and the musician on stage (artist), by inviting the audience for the pre-concert soundwalk set up in the location of the festival.


The L.A.S workshop is a localized experience, a sound walk, that invites participants to explore the natural/urban surroundings of the festival to look for the “sound” and learn how to better “listen.” During the event, we educate on the issue of noise pollution and its harmful effects. We raise awareness of the quality of the “sound” and teach how each person can handle the hygiene of listening and sounding.

The L.A.S  soundwalk showcases to your festival guests that high-quality music, environmentalism, localisation and regionalism is at your heart.


Some key points about soundwalks:


  • The duration of a soundwalk can vary from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the location.

  • The number of participants will depend on the festival's setting, and soundwalks may be held on multiple days during the festival.

  • Based on feedback from past events, the L.A.S Experience is a unique and unforgettable part of the musical journey, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

  • Internationally acclaimed musicians lead the walks in collaboration with local artists, scientists, or environmentalists.





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